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To ensure future-proof water management in a warmer world, cross-sectoral, participatory, and adaptive management of water storage, distribution and use are urgently required. A crucial aspect here is the need to shift to cross-sectoral systemic thinking including new management ethics. We, therefore, see a strong need for knowledge-based, participatory decision-making through the development of a new generation of model-based and monitoring-supported information systems and their structured embedment in management structures. OurMED calls for a transition from a mono-sectoral water management approach based on trade-offs, to equitable multi-sectoral and integrative management that addresses all water bodies’ capabilities and needs towards sustainability. 
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Dr. Seifeddine Jomaa, Project Coordinator : seifeddine.jomaa[@]ufz.de
Mrs Maroua Oueslati, Communication Manager : m.oueslati[@]semide.org

Bode, Germany

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OurMED is part of the PRIMA programme supported by the European Union.