Sebou river basin - Morocco

Sebou basin demo-site


Geographic information

Country: Morocco

Location and population: Coastal, South MED - 6.2 million people

Basin area: 40000 Km2


The Moroccan demo site, situated in the Sebou basin coastal region, is a remarkable natural gem that spans an impressive 40,000 square kilometers. Its distinctive landscape features a mild temperate climate, characterized by dry summers. The site ecological significance is immediately evident, as it hosts an impressive tally of 39 recognized wetlands, including 7 Ramsar sites, and boasts 2 National parks within its boundaries. This makes the Sebou basin a pivotal center for biodiversity and an essential focal point for conservation efforts.

Key Stakeholders


Agence du Bassin Hydraulique du Sebou:

As a public agency, they possess valuable in-situ hydrological and meteorological data of the Sebou basin, playing a crucial role in water management.

Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation:

This investor foundation focuses on funding priority projects in water management, both within the Sebou basin and the broader Mediterranean region.

MAVA Foundation pour la Nature:

A non-governmental organization (NGO) with a strong interest in multi-sectoral water management in regions facing data scarcity.


An international NGO providing financial and technical support for sustainable development initiatives.

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