Enhancing Collaboration and Innovation at OurMED: Recap of our Monthly Meeting 04-12-2023

Our recent monthly project meeting was an electric affair, brimming with exciting progress and a shared commitment to the vision of OurMED. Partners shone brightly as they presented their impressive strides, showcasing the robust collaborative ethos driving our initiative's success.

A pivotal decision emerged during the meeting: to fortify connections with other Prima projects. In this spirit, we opened our doors to coordinators from diverse initiatives, heralding an exchange of innovative ideas and a mutual growth opportunity for all involved.

One notable highlight was the presence of the INTEL-IRRIS project coordinator. Their discussion centered on the revolutionary "Intelligent Irrigation System for Low-cost Autonomous Water Control in Small-scale Agriculture," potentially offering invaluable solutions for our demo sites.

Excitingly, we unveiled a new initiative, OurHERO, designed to honor the outstanding contributions of our young talents within the consortium. Their dedication is the bedrock of our progress, and we're thrilled to recognize their efforts with upcoming prizes.

This meeting epitomized our collective commitment to collaborative excellence, innovation, and celebration. Together, we're forging paths toward impactful change within our project and beyond.

Join us as we continue this journey of collaboration and innovation at OurMED. Together, progress is our destination.


OurMED is part of the PRIMA programme supported by the European Union.