Addressing Water Challenges in the Medjerda Region: Insights from the OurMED Project living lab

Addressing Water Challenges in the Medjerda Region: Insights from the OurMED Project living lab

In pursuit of sustainable solutions to water challenges, the Higher School of Engineers of Medjez Elbeb organized a living lab workshop on February 14, 2024, as part of the OurMED project. This event convened stakeholders identified during preparatory interviews, comprising 51 participants representing various sectors, including farmers, administrative bodies (CRDA, ONAS, SONEDE), municipal representatives, agricultural service companies, and ODESYPANO: the Northwest Sylvopastoral Development Office.

During the preparatory interviews, four key themes emerged, all interconnected with the issue of Medjerda's water:

  • Water Quality
  • Water Governance
  • Water and Soil Conservation Works 
  • Access to Water

These themes formed the basis for subgroup discussions, followed by the presentation and prioritization of identified issues. The workshop revealed several primary challenges:

  • Medjerda Pollution (Quality)
  • Lack of Public Awareness (Access)
  • Absence of Water Governance Enforcement (Governance)
  • Water Scarcity (Access)
  • Issues with Updating and Enforcing Water Laws

Moving forward, the OurMED project aims to collaboratively develop actionable strategies and initiatives to address these challenges effectively. By fostering partnerships between stakeholders, leveraging technological innovations, and promoting sustainable practices, the project seeks to ensure the long-term vitality and resilience of the Medjerda water ecosystem.

In conclusion, the OurMED workshop served as a crucial platform for dialogue and collaboration among diverse stakeholders, laying the groundwork for informed decision-making and collective action to safeguard the water resources of the Medjerda region. Through sustained efforts and collective commitment, we can work towards a future where water is abundant, clean, and accessible for all.


OurMED is part of the PRIMA programme supported by the European Union.